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Top 10 Promotional Products

1. Pens and Highlighters
Custom imprinted pens and highlighters are the simplest and most effective way to get your brand name and logo out on the market. By providing local businesses, and clients far away, with a supply of your quality pens, your potential clients are sure to become familiarized with your brand and logo. Not only this, but it is almost inevitable that the pens will be left at other offices and shared unintentionally, spreading the word about your business even further. Each promotional pen or highlighter can travel a surprisingly-long way with barely any cost!
2. Travel Mugs & Sports Bottles
Travel mugs and sports bottles alike have become very popular in recent times due to increasing environmental awareness. As people look for convenient ways to alter their habits without giving up the things they love, things like refillable drink containers are the perfect alternative to everyday coffee habits. You can also use them to sponsor sporting events to show your community that you do care about environmental issues.
3. Stress Balls
Compact desktop items will keep your information nearby and give a more fun visual appeal to an otherwise boring work setting. Stress balls are one of the best tools for this, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a ball either. One company put their new help-desk number on squeezable fire extinguishers. Plus, few people can resist picking them up and giving them a squeeze.
4. Mouse Pads
As long as businesses rely on computers, mouse pads will be a necessity in any office, even with today's optical mice. One tactic that has been used by IT service companies is bundling a free mouse pad with their logo with every new computer sold. Because they are viewed and used all the time, an eye-catching design with your businesses logo on a mouse pad will greatly increase the amount of time your customers think about your brand.
5. Apparel
Wearable promotional products are the most common type of promotional products.
Every uniform that you've seen in a fast food restaurant advertises that company immediately. By customizing these simple everyday products, you are allowing your customers to sport your logo and share your brand with everyone that sees them that day.
They almost become a brand ambassador as much as they are a client. Wearable items are also very common in sponsorship situations, such as sports teams and fitness events.Major sports leagues make most of their money through promotional apparel.
6. Key Chains
When it comes to marketing your brand at trade shows and other business related events, key chains are one of the best quick marketing give-aways for your brand. These small wonders have the power to expose recipients to your logo every time they start their cars or unlock their houses and offices. From branded bottle openers and miniature flash lights to simple customized logos on a plastic tab, key chains are a neat attraction that everyone loves.
7. USB Flash Drives
Office electronics are a great way to remind your clients that you're there for them. USB flash drives are one of the simplest and cheapest ways for people to store and transport their data. Companies can create custom flash drives, or simply put in a small brochure or PowerPoint presentation on every drive for the customer to see when they use it.
8. Personal Planners
Love them or hate them, some people just love having a personal planner. While these mini calendars are not necessarily shared with the general public, they provide value to individual clients. This allows your brand to again be looked at as reliable when your client is in need. A personal planner with your phone number and email address printed on it will keep you well in the mix for potential clientele. This is an excellent example of a B2B gift as well as a year-end gift.
9. Mugs & Bar Glasses
What better way to think about business than over a mug of coffee or a glass of beer, or any drink for that matter? Custom imprinted coffee mugs and bar glasses are the perfect gift to your clients to have them stock in their company kitchen. Your brand will always be on their desk when they're thirsty and in the hands of their clients when they visit.
10. Tote Bag
So you have all these great custom imprinted marketing items to send your client home with, why not throw in yet another custom imprinted bag to put everything inside? Custom imprinted tote bags are the perfect way to show your environmental awareness and give your clients something to use regularly. A sturdy tote can be used to haul around everything from their office supplies, daily lunch, and even bring it to the supermarket to fill up and save some plastic bags; you are allowing them to share your brand with the general public daily.